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Construction Admixture

Offering you a complete choice of products which include conplast sp430 g8 concrete admixturehigh performance superplasticising mixture and cement admixture.

Conplast Sp430 G8 Concrete Admixturehigh Performance Superplasticising Mixture

Conplast Sp430 G8 Concrete Admixturehigh Performance Superplasticising Mixture
  • Conplast Sp430 G8 Concrete Admixturehigh Performance Superplasticising Mixture
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BrandFosroc construction chemicals

Conplast SP430 G8 constructive solutions
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High Performance Superplasticising mixture
 To produce pumpable concrete
 To produce high strength, high grade concrete M30 & above
by substantial reduction in water resulting in low permeability
and high early strength.
 To produce high workability concrete requiring little or no
vibration during placing.
 Improved workability - Easier, quicker placing and
 Increased strength - Provides high early strength for precast
concrete with the advantage of higher water reduction ability.
 Improved quality - Denser, close textured concrete with
reduced porosity and hence more durable.
 Higher cohesion - Risk of segregation and bleeding
minimised; thus aids pumping of concrete
 Chloride free - Safe in prestressed concrete and with sulphate
resisting cements and marine aggregates.
Standards compliance
Conplast SP430 G8 complies with IS:9103:1999 and BS:5075
Part 3 .Conplast SP430 G8 conforms to ASTM-C-494 Type ‘G’
and Type ‘A’ depending on the dosages used.
Conplast SP430 G8 is based on Sulphonated Napthalene
Polymers and supplied as a brown liquid instantly dispersible
in water.
Conplast SP430 G8 has been specially formulated to give
high water reductions upto 25% without loss of workability or
to produce high quality concrete of reduced permeability.
Specifi c gravity 1.24 to 1.26 *
Chloride content Nil to IS:456 *
Air entrainment Approx. 1% additional air
is entrained
* The uniformity parameters like specifi c gravity, pH, chloride
content etc. will vary for specifi c customer requirements and
mix design. Please refer our MTC issued for specifi c product
confi guration for measuring our product parameters that will
be constantly and consistently administered.

Conplast SP430G8
Compatibility : Can be used with all types of cements except
high alumina cement. Conplast SP430 G8 is compatible with
other types of Fosroc admixtures when added separately to the
mix. Site trials should be carried out to optimise dosages.
Workability : Can be used to produce fl owing concrete that
requires no compaction. Some minor adjustments may be
required to produce high workable mix without segregation.
Cohesion : Cohesion is improved due to dispersion of cement
particles thus minimising segregation and improving surface
fi nish.
Compressive strength : Early strength is increased upto 20%
if water reduction is taken advantage of. Generally, there is
improvement in strength upto 20% depending upon W/C ratio
and other mix parameters.
Durability : Reduction in W/C ratio enables increase in density
and impermeability thus enhancing durability of concrete.
Application instructions
The optimum dosage is best determined by site trials with the
concrete mix which enables the effects of workability, strength
gain or cement reduction to be measured. Site trials with Con-
plast SP430 G8 should always be compared with mix containing
no admixture. As a guide, the rate of addition is generally in
the range of 0.5 - 2.0 litres /100 kg cement.

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Cement Admixture

Cement Admixture
  • Cement Admixture
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Cement admixtures, also known as concrete admixtures or cement additives, are specialized materials added to concrete mixtures to modify its properties and enhance performance. Here's an overview of cement admixtures:

  1. Types of Admixtures:

    • Water-Reducing Admixtures: Also known as plasticizers or superplasticizers, these admixtures reduce the amount of water required in the concrete mix while maintaining workability and slump. They improve the flowability and workability of concrete, allowing for easier placement and compaction without compromising strength.
    • Retarding Admixtures: These admixtures delay the setting time of concrete, extending the workability and placement time. They are useful in hot weather conditions or when a longer setting time is required to accommodate complex construction sequences.
    • Accelerating Admixtures: Conversely, accelerating admixtures speed up the setting and early strength development of concrete, allowing for faster formwork removal, curing, and project completion. They are beneficial in cold weather conditions or when rapid strength gain is necessary.
    • Air-Entraining Admixtures: Air-entraining admixtures introduce microscopic air bubbles into the concrete mix, improving its resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, scaling, and spalling. They enhance the durability of concrete in harsh environmental conditions and increase workability.
    • Waterproofing Admixtures: Waterproofing admixtures reduce the permeability of concrete, making it more resistant to water penetration and moisture-related damage. They are commonly used in basements, foundations, and water-retaining structures to prevent water ingress and dampness.
    • Corrosion-Inhibiting Admixtures: These admixtures protect reinforcing steel in concrete from corrosion by creating a protective layer on the steel surface or reducing chloride penetration into the concrete. They enhance the durability and service life of concrete structures in aggressive environments.
    • Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures: Shrinkage-reducing admixtures mitigate the shrinkage and cracking of concrete during curing and drying. They minimize the risk of cracking in large concrete pours, slabs, and overlays, improving long-term durability and aesthetics.
    • Coloring Admixtures: Coloring admixtures add pigments or dyes to concrete, allowing for customization of color and aesthetics. They are used in decorative concrete applications such as stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, and architectural finishes.
  2. Benefits:

    • Improved Workability: Admixtures enhance the workability, flowability, and finishability of concrete, making it easier to place, consolidate, and finish.
    • Enhanced Strength and Durability: Certain admixtures improve the strength, durability, and performance of concrete by reducing permeability, increasing resistance to environmental factors, and enhancing long-term durability.
    • Cost Savings: Admixtures can help optimize concrete mix designs, reduce cement content, and improve construction efficiency, resulting in cost savings in materials, labor, and construction time.
    • Versatility: Cement admixtures offer versatility and flexibility in concrete production, allowing for customization of concrete properties to suit specific project requirements, performance criteria, and environmental conditions.
    • Sustainability: Some admixtures contribute to sustainable construction practices by reducing water usage, improving energy efficiency, and extending the service life of concrete structures, thereby reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.
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